Why Clinical Trial Data Notes exists & what we stand for.

Aims & Scope
Clinical Trial Data is an open-access, entirely digital, open data, and open peer review journal. Our focus spans data on clinical results, operations, methodology, and trends, with the end goal of making clinical trial data as a domain more comprehensible and interoperable. Issues are made up entirely of Data Notes.
Clinical Trial Data does not make editorial decisions on the basis of the interest of a study or its likely impact. Data must be highly legible, inherently interoperable, and of demonstrable vailidity.
Open Access
Articles published in Clinical Trial Data Notes are available at no cost, permanently following publication. No subscription charges or registration barriers are present.
Authors remain the copyright holders of their published articles, though you have agreed to grant any third party, in advance and in perpetuity, the right to use, reproduce, or disseminate your article and the data referenced therein.
Data Availability
Wherever an established research community expectation for data archiving in public repositories exists, submission to a community-endorsed, public repository is mandatory. A list of data where deposition is required, can be found on the Editorial Policies Page.
Further Details
Submission Guidelines
For further details on Editorial Policies, please see the Editorial Policies Page.
Submission Guidelines
For further details on Submission Guidelines, please see the Submission Guidelines Page.

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